The Bornholmer Suite, 2015, Neuni Rec.
from the Cistern, 2014, Gruenrekorder digital
Anamorphosis, 2014, Sacred Realism
Desired Climate Works #36, 2011, Homophoni (online)
No Renunions, 2010, Compost and Height (online)
Desired Climate Works 2006/2007, 2008, Gameboy
Multi-Key Coming DCW#8, split solo LP with jp jenkins, 2007, Olde English Spelling Bee
Intrinsic Vol. 1, 2006, EMR
Electronic Music From Acoustic Sources, 2003, Rasbliutto Recordings
Four Areas, 2003, Rasbliutto Recordings

In Collaboration
Hong Chulki & Bryan Eubanks, proper motions, 2016, Celedon Records
Stephane Rives & Bryan Eubanks, Fq, 2015, Potlatch Records
Bryan Eubanks/Jason Kahn, drums/saxophone/electronics, 2014, intonema records
Rolando Hernandez & Bryan Eubanks, sale el sol & die sonne untergeht, 2014, cdr Theme Park for Ear
Catherine Lamb & Bryan Eubanks, Untitled 12 (after agnes), 2012, Sacred Realism
Bryan Eubanks/Jason Kahn, Energy (of), 2012, copy for your records
Oceans Roar 1000 Drums, 2012, Ilse
Ryu Hankil & Bryan Eubanks, 777, 2009, Cathnor Recordings
French Family Fun, with Jean-Paul Jenkins, 2007, EMR
Bryan Eubanks & David Rothbaum, untitled, 2006, EMR
Bryan Eubanks & David Kendall, Trapped in Various Places, 2006, EMR
Bryan Eubanks/Bob Marsh/Theresa Wong, Luggage, 2006, LVD Records
Bryan Eubanks & Doug Theriault,2005, Creative Sources Recordings
GOD, Anti-sex/Anti-wiretapping, 2005, Little Enjoyer/Jyrk/Gameboy
Super Unity, Box Set, 2004, Collective Jyrk Records
GOD, we are going to make love for a thousand years, 2004, Collective Jyrk Records
GOD, yellow,2004, Collective Jyrk Records
GOD, genesis/reserection,2004, Collective Jyrk Records
Super Unity, Live at the Tugboat with Jonathan Sielaff 2002, cdr - no label/red fabric + boat design cover
Super Unity, Blue Circle, 2002, Rasbliutto Records
Super Dupity, Live at the Jasmine Tree , 2002, cdr - no label/burned+wax cover
Foster/Jenkins/Eubanks trio, Love, 2002, Rasbliutto Recordings
Foster/Jenkins/Eubanks trio, Polaroid, 2001, Rasbliutto Recordings
Foster/Jenkins/Eubanks trio, Furry, 2001, Rasbliutto Recordings
Foster/Jenkins/Eubanks trio, Ice Cream Cone, 2001, Rasbliutto Recordings

As Interpreter
Rishin Singh's After Yvonne Rainer, 2015, online at Singh's website
Rishin Singh's Alekhine and Junge at Prague, 2014, Theme Park for Ear
Catherine Lamb's Matter/Moving, with Tucker Dulin & Andrew Lafkas, 2014, Winds Measure
Andrew Lafkas's Making Words, 2012, Sacred Realism
Catherine Lamb's Periphery for two, 2011, Engraved Glass
Don Brown & Dan Reynolds, As Don approaches Dan, 2002, Urantia
Don Brown & Dan Reynolds, 2002, Rasbliutto Recordings