Acoustic Images/Triptych (2012)
field recordings for 9 channel acoustic holography

9 channel acoustic holograms of outdoor spaces during sunrise in eastern connecticut, usa.
technique was the same as used in (Ambiguous) Synthesis, as was the equipment and mobile studio.
the interest was in listening into the transitional acoustic environment of dawn, observing how this change sounds.

bayfront near bridgeport, connecticut
5:30am to 6:00am 17/5/2012

recording made about 45m from the shoreline. very active with birdlife and a calm sea. some traffic beginning, people getting about their day. ships passing in the distance.

the frogpond at the prout hill art and recreation monastery in middletown, connecticut.
4:30am and 6:00 am 13/5/2012

microphones were on a small hill overlooking the pond documenting the transition from the night creatures (insects, some bullfrogs) to the dawn chorus, herons dining in the pond, and the fading of the crickets. there was a large thicket of grass surrounding the pond.

morning in a forrest near middletown, connecticut.
5:00am and 6:00am 20/5/2012

suburban forrest, airplanes in distance, soughing