Bottle (2013)
four recordings

field recordings, bottle, bee

On June 7th, 2013 I was sitting on a patio in Berlin. A bee became stuck in an empty beer bottle, it's buzzing wings creating a beautiful harmonic in the atmosphere as it tried to find its way out of the bottle. I listened to this for a long time. After a while I decided to record this phenomena. I made 4 short recordings: onsite with an ambient microphone, onsite with microphones placed inside of the bottle, indoors (isolated from ambient sound to some extent) with an ambient microphone, and indoors with microphones placed inside of the bottle. Near the end of this process I realized the bee was likely having a miserable experience, and probably drunk, so I released it from the bottle.

Berlin, 06/07/2013

1. onsite, ambient (11:20)
2. onsite, inside (11:51)
3. indoors, ambient (12:02)
4. indoors, inside (10:05)