interior and exterior (2007/2012)
9 hours 14 minutes
recording, custom software, 2 speakers, and 2 microphones

stand alone application for mac osx (download application)
(large file, about 420mb which includes a high quality audio file)

Interior and Exterior records a reflection of itself as it plays in the room. Before playing the piece, set up two microphones, which are connected to the audio interface the playback computer is using, in the listening environment. These microphones can be anywhere within audible range of the two playback speakers, indoors or out of doors, anywhere that some trace of the pre-recorded material can be heard. The microphones continuously record the piece as it plays in the room onto a two minute, forty-four second loop. Once the pre-recorded material has ceased, this loop will begin to play what it has documented, slowly fading out, for eight hours. The input level of the microphones should be similar and set at the loudest possible level where the signal to noise ratio is lowest. Technical notes are included in the download.