Listening in/to The Liminal (2013-2014), 61'
audio essay

Compiled, conceived, and extra sonic content/structure composed with Catherine Lamb July 2013 to January 2014.

Recorded contributions from Lucio Capece, Jürg Frey, Laura Steenberge, Mark So/Eileen Myles, Jason Kahn, Manfred Werder, Jakob Ullman, Eric Laska, Maryanne Amacher (from pre-existing video), Michael Pisaro, Johnny Chang (with Dina Khouri), Madison Brookshire, Jordan Topiel Paul, Bill Dietz, Andrew Lafkas, Walter Branchi, Éliane Radigue, Mani Kaul (from emails with Lamb), and Peter Ablinger

What originally began as a small collaborative exercise concerning our own work evolved to include the contributions of a range of artists and composers when we were asked by Eric Laska to contribute something to his online project Lateral Addition in 2013.

The piece is available at