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list of works

electronic and electro-acoustic

The Secondary Rainbow, generative sound and light installation with real-time synthesis, 7-10 hours, 2016 (composed with Catherine Lamb)
Object, percussion, transducers, dsp, feedback, ~40', 2014 - ongoing
Three Balcony Recordings, 8 channel acoustic holography recordings, 30', 2014/2015
Spectral Pattern (2013), recordings of soprano saxophone and violas, sinetone, custom software, 30', 2013
Listening in/to The Liminal, audio essay with electronic sound, 60', 2013/2014 (composed with Catherine Lamb)
the bornholmer suite, open-circuit feedback, 40'-60', 2013
study for four doublebasses, recordings, custom software, 30' 2013
excerpt (rising and moving), filtered oscillators, 23' (46'), 2013
Cistern Voices, synthesized voice, site-specific recordings, wave field synthesis diffusion, 150', 2011/2013
Bottle, field recording, 53', 2013
Catskills Creek, field recordings, wave field synthesis, 10' loop, 2011/2013
Acoustic Images/Triptych, field recordings, 9 channel acoustic holography, 180', 2012
Untitled 12 (after agnes), tuned noise, tone, custom software, 60', 2012 (composed with Catherine Lamb)
interior and exterior, recordings, microphones, custom software, 9hrs 14', 2007/2012
for David Tudor, recorded live electronics, generative software, duration variable, 2012
materiality, noise, sinetones, custom software, open duration, 2011-2012
enclosed space phenomena, toneburst patterns, enclosed environment, ~20, 2010
time & place, live sound accumulations, variable duration, 2008-2010
desired climate works, open-circuit feedback, digital sound, variable durations, 2005-2010


series (for viola), viola, tuned noise, sinetones, software, and one loudspeaker ~8', 2014
triple portrait, site-specific recordings, soprano saxophone, sinetones, 30'-45', 2014
rooms, instrument, interior space, recordings, duration variable, 2013
double portrait, field recordings, soprano saxophone, tuned noise, sinetones, 15' - 30', 2012/2015
for piano and sine waves, piano, sinewaves, custom software 2011/2012
for accordion and electronics, accordion, filtered sinetones, microphone, recording, custom software, 20' - 45', 2011/2012
for viola and digital noise, viola, digital noise, custom software, ~35', 2011
the magic of distance, piano, sinetones, custom software, ~30', 2010/2011


Isolated Worlds, site-specific works for 2 clave players, variable durations, 2017
Object VII, for piano, cello, clarinet, seeds, percussion, violin, oscillators, and feedback, ~20-40', 2017
Ishi (with Rebecca Lane and Uta Neumann), field recording, custom software, bass flute, photographs, ~26', 2016
Listening Through Glass Walls, field recording, custom software, string instruments, 11', 2014/2015
range (for trio), bassoon, violin, bass clarinet, 8', 2014
for four doublebasses, 13' - 27', 2013
range (for two soprano saxophones), soprano saxophones, sinetones, custom software, 20', 2013
range (for viola and trombone), trombone, viola, sinetones, custom software, 20', 2013
Tracing 1 & 2 (additive and subtractive), viola, tuned white noise, 102', 2012 (composed with Catherine Lamb)
spectral pattern, instruments, tuned pulse, sinetone, white noise, 30', 2012
harmonium piece, violin, viola, bass, bassoon,oboe, soprano and tenor saxophones, trombone, flute, clarinet, and harmonium, ~30', 2008/2011
low frequency group, recordings, subwoofers, open duration, 2010


CLAP.durational, 2016, PACT Zollverein, Essen, DE. (with Objective Spectacle), real time accumulation of one person clapping, 3 - 5 hours.
(Ambiguous) Synthesis, 9 channel acoustic holography, generative software, 12hrs (24hrs), 2012
static motion (transformations in), noise, sinetone, generative software, wave field synthesis, open duration, 2011
shifts, sinetones, subwoofer, 3 loudspeakers, generative software, open duration, 2010
iceberg, styrofoam, solar panel, pond, oscillator, 2009
three installations, multi-channel sound and instruments, 6hrs (18hrs), 2009 (w Andrew Lafkas, Tucker Dulin, Leif Sundstrom, and Gil Arno
three interiors, 4 channel sound, duration variable, 2007