shifts (2010)
bard hall, annandale-on-hudson, ny, july 2010
sinetones, subwoofer, generative software, and 3 loudspeakers

shifts was an experiment with derivative sound sourced from directed sonic phenomena into a particular space. 2 loudspeakers emitted a phasing high pitched tone pulse about 100 milliseconds in length and occurring between 0 and 5 seconds apart. the resulting resonance of these pulses was recorded and played on occasion through a third speaker. a subwoofer, placed in the far corner of the space occasionally emitted a 20 minute sine wave sweep beginning at 43hz and terminating at the high frequency emitted by the 2 loudspeakers. this matrix of interactivity and derivative sound also coalesced with the outdoor sounds of the surrounding area as all windows and doors were left open in the space. the installation ran continuously for one day near the end of july, 2010.