three installation/performances (2009)
diapason gallery for sound, brooklyn, ny, february - april 2009
collaboration with andrew lafkas, gill arno, leif sundstrom, ron stabinsky, and tucker dulin

for 3 months andrew lafkas and I collaborated with 4 different artists to create 3 different evening length works for diapason gallery. using both rooms and all available speakers in the gallery we made a piece each month consisting of a generative sound installation that functioned as an "overture" for 3 hours before a 3 hour structured performance that entailed a lot of improvisation around themes we arrived at through the month long collaborations. andrew, myself, and diapason gallery were the only constants during this three month period and the pieces were all untitled. special thanks to m. schumacher of diapason gallery for supporting this ambitious project.

February 2009

collaboration with Gill Arno and Leif Sundstrom that involved real-time projections (arno), site specific resonance (sundstrom), time-based sonic accumulation from contact mics placed in the space (eubanks), and real-time piano

March 2009

collaboration with tucker dulin

April 2009

collaboration on overture with ron stanbinsky (piano), the rest of this work was only the duo of lafkas and myself, stabinsky was not present for performance.