Andrew Lafkas and Ensemble perform Two Paths with Active Shadows under Three Moons and Surveillance, phase two

September 6th, 2014
7:30 PM, suggested donation $15
Church of the Annunciation
259 N 5th at Havemeyer @ Metropolitan
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Presented by Music for Contemplation

The Ensemble:

Marcia Bassett (electric guitar), Barry Weisblat (electronics), Ron Stabinsky (organ), Che Chen (violin), Marandi Hostetter (violin), Laura Ortman (violin), C Spencer Yeh (violin), Michael Bullock (bass), Andrew Lafkas (bass), Rick Brown (cymbal), Ryan Sawyer (cymbal), Sean Meehan (cymbal and snare), Brian Chase (bass drum), Sandy Gordon (bass drum), Gil Arno (microphone and recording), Wolfgang Gil (microphone and recording), Daniel Neumann (microphone and recording), Ben Owen (microphone and recording)