location and time:

Studio Acht
Grüntaler 8

bar opens at 19:30
events begin promptly at 20:00

U8 and S-Bahn to Gesundbrunnen

this is a curated series,
please don't send proposals




Konzert Minimal at Studio Acht
(Harmony Series No. 05 and 10 - July 2015)


#069: Sunday, July 12th 3:30pm and 8:00pm

note: due to events foreseen and unforeseen, the Chang event originally planned is postponed until a later date

special afternoon and evening concert event beginning at Humboldthain park at 15:30pm (picnic, weather permitting) and concert at 16:30. concert will be recorded in the field and later presented as a document at Studio 8 in the evening.

afternoon concert in the western part of the park near the pool and Humboldthain S-bahn entrance (bring an umbrella).....

[Fields #9]: a sub-series focusing on ecological psycho-acoustics

Catherine Lamb: Periphery For Two (2011) [experimental realization 2015]
voices: Catherine Lamb, Laura Steeneberge, and Rebecca Lane

evening at Studio 8 (bat at 19:30, concert at 20:00 hrs):

stereo diffusion of the afternoon concert by Adam Asnan


Mattin solo

#070: Sunday, August 23rd 8:00pm

Johnny Chang & Radu Malfatti


Quartet: Lucio Capece, Johnny Chang, Radu Malfatti, and Derek Shirley