location and time:

Studio Acht
Grüntaler 8
Berlin-Wedding 13357

bar opens at 19:00
music begins at 20:00 (on time!)

entrance: 3 - 5€

U8 and S-Bahn to Gesundbrunnen

this is a curated series,
please don't send proposals

coming soon...........
recordings of concerts
will be available within
the "past" section.

concerts are only posted
when permitted by the artists.


#028: Sunday, August 31st 8:00pm

Gudinni Cortina (MX) - No input mix board,electromagnetic feedback, semiconductors.

followed by a free screening of Robert Ashley's Music with Roots in the Aether ep. 3:
Landscape with Alvin Lucier including performances of:
Outlines of Persons and Things (1975), Bird and Person Dyning (1975), and Music for Solo Performer (1965).

preceded by Burkhard Beins playing the entire Obscure Records series at Echo Bücher, Grüntaler 9, from 3pm to 8pm......

#029: Sunday, September 7th 8:00pm

For Accordion and Electronics
Bryan Eubanks, 2012
performed by Hannes Lingens


Stéphane Rives (FR) - soprano saxophone
Bryan Eubanks - synthesizer/electronics

#030: Sunday, September 21st 8:00pm

Jim Denley (AU) & Rosalind Hall (AU) - saxophones

#031: Sunday, September 28th 8:00pm

the stymphalian birds
Rishin Singh, 2014

Performed by:
Johnny Chang, Hannes Lingens, & Morton J Olsen


Lucio Capece & Ilia Belorukov (RU)

#032: Sunday, October 5th 8:00pm

Helena behind the curtain (after Reichman)
for flute and pre-recorded sound
Henry Andersen, 2014
performed by Rebecca Lane, flutes


Doron Sadja

#033: Sunday, October 12th 8:00pm

Nicolas Wiese
Versus/Nonversus - alternation 1
for recorded voices, sampled vibraphone and feedback

#034: Sunday, October 19th 8:00pm

Hannah Hartman

#035: Sunday, October 26th 8:00pm

Anthony Pateras piano
Anthony Burr clarinet
Tony Buckpercussion

#036: Sunday, November 2nd 8:00pm

Catherine Lamb - Shade/Gradient
for viola, voice, and oscillators ( 2012)

#037: Sunday, November 9th 8:00pm

UNTERHOLZ/(spinoza wucherung)
Marcus Kaiser, (2005/2006)

performed by:
Jonhny Chang, viola Koen Nutters, bass Nils Ostendorf, trumpet Rishin Singh, trombone

#038: Sunday, November 16th 8:00pm

Lieder Abend
mit tba.....

#039: Sunday, November 23rd 8:00pm

Tony Buck/Magda Mayas

Corey Fogel solo


#040: Sunday, November 28th 8:00pm

Adam Asnan solo


Lucio Capece solo

#041: Sunday, December 7th 8:00pm

solo works for percussion by Alvin Lucier and James Tenney

Koan: Having Never Written a Note for Percussion (1971)
James Tenney
performed by Morton J. Olsen

Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra (1988)
for solo triangle
Alvin Lucier
performed by Hannes Lingens

#042: Sunday, December 14th 8:00pm

Jason Kahn (CH) - solo electronics


The Pitch
Koen Nutters: doublebass
Morton J. Olsen: vibraphone
Boris Baltschun: pump organ
Michael Thieke: clarinet
The Pitch facebookin'


#027: Sunday, August 17th 8:00pm

Sébastien Branche (FR) - saxophones
Ludger Hennig - electronics
Robert Rehnig - electronics
Annette Krebs performing Rush! - street-music-live-version-
for electro-acoustic guitar, tape, electronics
released in 2014 within the Berlin Series No.2, Another Timbre, UK.

#026: Sunday, August 10th 8:00pm

Koen Nutters
Fields (2014)
version for bass, bass clarinet, viola, percussion, sinetones and paper

performed by Konzert Minimal
Lucio Capece, Johnny Chang, Koen Nutters, & Morten J Olsen

#025: Sunday, August 3rd 8:00pm

Annie Lewandowski (US) solo - piano and electronics
Robin Hayward - microtonal tuba solo

#024: Sunday, July 27th 8:00pm

Jonathan Zorn (US) - voice, synthesizer, electronics
presents selections from Language as Dust and the Freud Pieces

Hillary Jeffrey - trombone solo

#023: Sunday, July 20th 8:00pm

Boris Baltschun - 4 channel electronic works

#022: Sunday, July 13th 7:00pm

note: earlier start time!!

Performance for voice, text, snare drum and ballon

Alessandra Eramo - voice (IT/DE)
David Grollman - percussion (US)

#021: Sunday, July 6th 8:00pm

Los Glissandinos

Kai Fagaschinski, Clarinet
Klaus Filip (Vienna), ppooll, sinetones

#020: Sunday, June 29th 8:00pm

Miguel A. Garcia (Basque Country) - no-input mixer + electronics
Gerard Lipik (Poland) - electronics, objects

#019: Sunday, June 22nd 8:30pm

Werner Dafeldecker
Graphic scores

'small worlds' (for 6 players)
'Hyogo' (for 4 players)

Interpreted by:
Aviva Endean, Clarinets
Jon Heilbron, Double Bass
Rebecca Lane, Flutes
Matthias Schack-Arnott, Percussion
Chris Heenan, contrabass clarinet
Alex Garsden, guitar

#018: Sunday, June 15th 8:00pm (sharp! three sets!!)

Activity Center & Mat Pogo
Mat Pogo - voice
Burkhard Beins - percussion and strings
Michael Renkel - strings and percussion


Ercklentz/Neumann/Santos Silva
Sabine Ercklentz - trumpet
Andrea Neumann - inside piano
Susana Santos Silva (Portugal) - trumpet

Mark So (US) - tapes, readings, etc.
The Los Angeles based composer presents a late night "dj" set.....

#017: Sunday, June 8th 8:00pm

Seth Cluett (US)
Johnny Chang

#016: Sunday, May 25th 8:30pm

Derek Shirley - doublebass
Steve Heather - percussion
Margareth Kammerer - voice

#015: Sunday, May 18th 8pm

Robin Hayward - microtonal tuba
Morton J. Olsen - rotating bass drum

#014: Sunday, May 11th 8pm

Andrea Neumann - modified autoharp, mixer
Bonnie Jones - samples, electronics (US)


Chris Cogburn (US) - percussion, electronics

#013: Sunday, May 4th 8pm

Axel Dörner - trumpet

#012: Sunday, April 27th 8pm

Derek Shirley - doublebass
and tba....

#011: Sunday, April 20th 8pm

Ben Vida (US) - laptop, analog/digital synthesis

#010: Sunday, April 13th 8pm

Voice and Noise
Peter Ablinger (2012)
performed by the composer

#009: Sunday, April 6th 8pm

Héctor Rey: mixer and springs
Rishin Singh: trombone

#008: Sunday, March 23rd 8pm

Mike Majkowski - doublebass

#007: Sunday, March 16th 8pm

music of Viola Torros

Catherine Lamb & Johnny Chang - violas


Chris Abrahams - solo DX-7

#006: Sunday, March 2nd 8pm

Music of Peter Ablinger

phonography and 1-3 wind instruments with glissando slide

for 3 - 8 parts (1 - 8 instruments), variable instrumentation

performed by:
Rishin Singh - trombone
Catherine Lamb - viola
Lucio Capece - bass clarinet
Rebecca Lane - flute

#005: Sunday, February 16th 8pm

Lucio Capece

5 Stars

For 7 Speakers creating Pendulum Waves, Sequencer, Analog Synthesiser

#004: Sunday, February 9th 8pm

Cristian Carracedo (Argentina) - objects and laptop


the Still

Derek Shirley - doublebass
Rico Repotente - guitar
Steve Heather - percussion

#003a: Sunday, February 2nd 8pm

Doug Theriault (US)

solo for guitar/electronics

#003: Sunday, January 26th 8pm

Hannes Lingens :: "radio and dispersed percussion"

#002: Sunday, January 19th 8pm

Johnny Chang: viola
Derek Shirley: doublebass


visiting from Sydney, Australia......

Laura Altman: clarinet
Monica Brooks: Accordion
a review with audio samples of their recent CD, "as is"

#001a: Sunday, January 12th 8pm

Héctor Rey: no-input mixer

#001: Sunday, December 15th 8pm

Lucio Capece: soprano saxophone, Pendulating Speakers in Oscillation
Jamie Drouin: field recordings