location and time:

Studio Acht
Grüntaler 8
Berlin-Wedding 13357

bar opens at 19:30
music begins promptly at 20:00

entrance: 3 - 5€

U8 and S-Bahn to Gesundbrunnen

this is a curated series,
please don't send proposals

past concerts:



Konzert Minimal at Studio Acht
(Harmony Series No. 12 - April 2015)


#055: Sunday, April 5th 8:00pm

[Fields #5]: a sub-series focusing on ecological psycho-acoustics

Peter Ablinger:

selections from Das Buch der Gesänge
100 stücke zwischen 30" and 7' dauer, 1997/1999
stereo recordings


40 Fotos (Weiss/Weisslich 11), 2013

#056: Sunday, April 12th 8:00pm

[Fields #6]: a sub-series focusing on ecological psycho-acoustics

Gilles Aubrey


Sam Ashley presents 2 short metaphorical stories about spirit:
No Escape and The Cat at the Screen Door

followed by a non-text presentation of shamanism, a window onto the inner workings of magic: I Saw a Documentary About Insects

#057: Sunday, April 19th 8:00pm

Joseph Kudirka (music boxes, voice, stuff, compositions)
Lucie Vítková (accordion, voice)
Rishin Singh (trombone)


[Fields #7]: a sub-series focusing on ecological psycho-acoustics

Peter Cusak (UK/Berlin)

field recordings, random thoughts, chopsticks, a guitar

#058: Sunday, April 26th 8:00pm

the Still


Thomas Meadowcraft

#059: Sunday, May 3rd 8:00pm

veRmulsCHt: Paul Roth, Pierre Borel, & Léa Lanoe

#060: Sunday, May 10th 8:00pm

Native Instrument - austrailan bug and animal adaptations by
Stine Janvin Motland & Felicity Mangan


Janela Eva-Maria Houben 2012

performed by Simon Labbé (electronics) & Rishin Singh (t'bone)

#061: Sunday, May 17th 8:00pm

works by Alvin Lucier (b. 1931, US)

Rebecca Lane - voice
Henry Andersen - recording/electronics

13 DEGREES OF DARKNESS (2013) 13:45
for flute and pre-recorded flute
Rebecca Lane - flute

#062: Sunday, May 24th 8:00pm

Joe Foster (Seoul/US)
Daichi Yoshikawa (JPN/DE)


Joe Foster - things and stuff
Bryan Eubanks - metal plate transducers
Adam Asnan - objects and speakers

#063: Sunday, May 31st 8:00pm

Margarth Kammerer new songs


an installation of performance videos from the 1970's and 1980's by Ira Schnieder

#064: Sunday, June 7th 8:00pm

Frank Gratkowski - alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Richard Scott - analog synth
Michael Vorfeld - percussion

#065: Sunday, June 14th 8:00pm

[Fields #8]: a sub-series focusing on ecological psycho-acoustics

Tattoo: an audio document of a person receiving a tattoo in Studio 8 the night before.

Adam Asnan - tattoo, recording, stereo playback
unknown - tattoo recipient

#066: Sunday, June 21st 8:00pm

For Four Doublebasses
Bryan Eubanks, 2014

Performed by:
Andrew Lafkas, Laura Steeneberge, Koen Nutters, Derek Shirley


compositions of Nicolas Carrasco Diaz
performed by Felipe Araya (Chile): Cajón

#067: Sunday, June 28th 8:00pm

Roy Carroll solo