location and time:

Studio Acht
Grüntaler 8
Berlin-Wedding 13357

bar opens at 19:00
music begins at 20:00 (on time!)

entrance: 3 - 5€

U8 and S-Bahn to Gesundbrunnen

this is a curated series,
please don't send proposals


#024: Sunday, July 27th 8:00pm

Jonathan Zorn (US) - voice, synthesizer, electronics
presents selections from Language as Dust and the Freud Pieces

Hillary Jeffrey - trombone solo

#025: Sunday, August 3rd 8:00pm

Annie Lewandowski (US) solo - piano and electronics
Robin Hayward - microtonal tuba solo

#026: Sunday, August 10th 8:00pm

Koen Nutters
Fields (2014)
version for bass, bass clarinet, viola, percussion, sinetones and paper

performed by Konzert Minimal
Lucio Capece, Johnny Chang, Koen Nutters, & Morten J Olsen

#027: Sunday, August 17th 8:00pm

Sébastien Branche (FR) - saxophones
Ludger Hennig - electronics
Robert Rehnig - electronics
Annette Krebs performing Rush (outdoor version)

#028: Sunday, August 31st 8:00pm

free screening of Robert Ashley's Music with Roots in the Aether ep. 3:
Landscape with Alvin Lucier including performances of:
Outlines of Persons and Things (1975), Bird and Person Dyning (1975), and Music for Solo Performer (1965).


#023: Sunday, July 20th 8:00pm

Boris Baltschun - 4 channel electronic works

#022: Sunday, July 13th 7:00pm

note: earlier start time!!

Performance for voice, text, snare drum and ballon

Alessandra Eramo - voice (IT/DE)
David Grollman - percussion (US)

#021: Sunday, July 6th 8:00pm

Los Glissandinos

Kai Fagaschinski, Clarinet
Klaus Filip (Vienna), ppooll, sinetones

#020: Sunday, June 29th 8:00pm

Miguel A. Garcia (Basque Country) - no-input mixer + electronics
Gerard Lipik (Poland) - electronics, objects

#019: Sunday, June 22nd 8:30pm

Werner Dafeldecker
Graphic scores

'small worlds' (for 6 players)
'Hyogo' (for 4 players)

Interpreted by:
Aviva Endean, Clarinets
Jon Heilbron, Double Bass
Rebecca Lane, Flutes
Matthias Schack-Arnott, Percussion
Chris Heenan, contrabass clarinet
Alex Garsden, guitar

#018: Sunday, June 15th 8:00pm (sharp! three sets!!)

Activity Center & Mat Pogo
Mat Pogo - voice
Burkhard Beins - percussion and strings
Michael Renkel - strings and percussion


Ercklentz/Neumann/Santos Silva
Sabine Ercklentz - trumpet
Andrea Neumann - inside piano
Susana Santos Silva (Portugal) - trumpet

Mark So (US) - tapes, readings, etc.
The Los Angeles based composer presents a late night "dj" set.....

#017: Sunday, June 8th 8:00pm

Seth Cluett (US)
Johnny Chang

#016: Sunday, May 25th 8:30pm

Derek Shirley - doublebass
Steve Heather - percussion
Margareth Kammerer - voice

#015: Sunday, May 18th 8pm

Robin Hayward - microtonal tuba
Morton J. Olsen - rotating bass drum

#014: Sunday, May 11th 8pm

Andrea Neumann - modified autoharp, mixer
Bonnie Jones - samples, electronics (US)


Chris Cogburn (US) - percussion, electronics

#013: Sunday, May 4th 8pm

Axel Dörner - trumpet

#012: Sunday, April 27th 8pm

Derek Shirley - doublebass
and tba....

#011: Sunday, April 20th 8pm

Ben Vida (US) - laptop, analog/digital synthesis

#010: Sunday, April 13th 8pm

Voice and Noise
Peter Ablinger (2012)
performed by the composer

#009: Sunday, April 6th 8pm

Héctor Rey: mixer and springs
Rishin Singh: trombone

#008: Sunday, March 23rd 8pm

Mike Majkowski - doublebass

#007: Sunday, March 16th 8pm

music of Viola Torros

Catherine Lamb & Johnny Chang - violas


Chris Abrahams - solo DX-7

#006: Sunday, March 2nd 8pm

Music of Peter Ablinger

phonography and 1-3 wind instruments with glissando slide

for 3 - 8 parts (1 - 8 instruments), variable instrumentation

performed by:
Rishin Singh - trombone
Catherine Lamb - viola
Lucio Capece - bass clarinet
Rebecca Lane - flute

#005: Sunday, February 16th 8pm

Lucio Capece

5 Stars

For 7 Speakers creating Pendulum Waves, Sequencer, Analog Synthesiser

#004: Sunday, February 9th 8pm

Cristian Carracedo (Argentina) - objects and laptop


the Still

Derek Shirley - doublebass
Rico Repotente - guitar
Steve Heather - percussion

#003a: Sunday, February 2nd 8pm

Doug Theriault (US)

solo for guitar/electronics

#003: Sunday, January 26th 8pm

Hannes Lingens :: "radio and dispersed percussion"

#002: Sunday, January 19th 8pm

Johnny Chang: viola
Derek Shirley: doublebass


visiting from Sydney, Australia......

Laura Altman: clarinet
Monica Brooks: Accordion
a review with audio samples of their recent CD, "as is"

#001a: Sunday, January 12th 8pm

Héctor Rey: no-input mixer

#001: Sunday, December 15th 8pm

Lucio Capece: soprano saxophone, Pendulating Speakers in Oscillation
Jamie Drouin: field recordings