location and time:

Studio Acht
Grüntaler 8
Berlin-Wedding 13357

bar opens at 19:00
music begins at 20:00 (on time!)

entrance: 3 - 5€

U8 and S-Bahn to Gesundbrunnen

this is a curated series,
please don't send proposals

past concerts:



#040: Sunday, November 30th 8:00pm

Bryan Eubanks soprano saxophone, feedback
Xavier Lopez sine tones


Transients by Lucio Capece
for Analog synthesiser, electric guitar, rotating speakers.

#041: Sunday, December 7th 8:00pm

solo works for percussion by Alvin Lucier and James Tenney

Koan: Having Never Written a Note for Percussion (1971)
James Tenney
performed by Morton J. Olsen

Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra (1988)
for solo triangle
Alvin Lucier
performed by Hannes Lingens

#042: Sunday, December 14th 8:00pm

Jason Kahn (CH) - solo electronics


The Pitch
Koen Nutters: doublebass
Morton J. Olsen: vibraphone
Boris Baltschun: pump organ
Michael Thieke: clarinet
The Pitch facebookin'

#043: Sunday, December 21st 8:00pm

an installation/screening/listening that may (or may not) have anything to do with
The Well Tuned Piano by La Monte Young

20:00 to 01:00hrs

eintritt free