untitled #12 (1984), Agnes Martin image courtesy of Agnes Martin Foundation

untitled 12 (after agnes)

generative structure of tuned white noise and sine tones (59:59)

Bryan Eubanks & Catherine Lamb, 2012

Untitled 12 (after agnes) takes it's title from a painting the American artist Agnes Martin made during her "gray" period in the 1980's. The work was completed in 1984. In this painting nothing in particular stands out, nothing garners any particular attention until one pauses and enters the painting. Even then, it takes some time, but a strong structure emerges once this time is taken. After that, it's hard to see the hazy grey painting, unusually loose grey washes overlaid with a thin horizontal pencil grid, as anything but astoundingly alive.

This ability to be almost nothing until noticed is what we hope this work will convey. The painting served as a springboard for a collaboration, a meeting place between two very different approaches to composing; in other words, the painting is a starting point, and this piece is not a '"translation" of the painting, but a starting point for listening into nothing.

As a companion to the fixed media release on Sacred Realism (sr001, 2012), this stand alone application will run on the mac osx operating system and allow for repeated, unique, realizations of this complex space that is, at first, almost nothing at all. A plain text file is included in the download for use on other operating systems in conjunction with Supercollider. DOWNLOAD (9.0mb)